The Work and Play of a Tin Artist

“My highest hope is that when people view my work, they will find some element that engages and affects them.”


Most people are working toward some type of Domestic Bliss in their home life. For most of us it will always be a work in progress; who does what, when, and for whom. These pieces represent not only what many of us are seeking, but also the less than perfect results of our quest. Things are not always what they seem at first glance.



I enjoy the colors and spectacle of the Circus, minus the trained animal acts; the colors, lights, and kinetic energy of Carnival rides; and finally the false exoticism and claims of the Sideshow. This gallery has all those elements but with a twist to each piece. Try to imagine yourself under the BIG TOP or walking down the midway and viewing each act. Remember, there’s always more on the INSIDE. Step right up!



Having spent my youth in the 50’s and 60’s and now watching the 2000’s unfold, I found that it helps to cope with these strange periods if I express a little of the surreal nature of what I have observed. Whether its contemplating the mid century space race, or the relative nature of time and truth, each of the pieces has its own unique take on a different theme.



Be warned; what you see is what you get! 



When working with largely acquired tin images, some themes readily present themselves. The Old West seems to have a plethora of images available. “Shootout At The Bar X” represents my reaction to the roles and plight of many women in this period of history. “Good Ol’ Daze” deals with the turn of the last century and the availability, promotion, and commercialization of mind altering substances, as well as the shows and nightclubs that encouraged their use, for those who could afford them.

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