Jenny Fillius
A Seattle tin artist. Jenny creates whimsical, clever, and beautiful work. She uses color and patterns that make her tin work unique and special.

Robert Villamagna
West Virgina based artist Robert Villamagna creates large scale recycled tin artworks that are inventive and witty.

Harriete Estel Berman
Harriete is the Queen of tin jewelery and other amazingly clever, detailed and well crafted tin artwork. She also has a blog where you can learn practical advice on the business of art.

Ross Palmer Beecher
Ross Palmer Beecher, one of my favorite metalsmiths, has great web presence but no website of her own. The link is to a video that captures, her work, studio and her essence. She is represented by Greg Kucera in Seattle.

Kathy Ross
Okay, just go to Kathy's site and check out her work. I'm not even going to try and explain it; you've just got to see it for yourself. Be sure to watch her video.

David Wasserman
Mr. Wasserman died on October 12, 1999 but his work lives on through the internet. His work is wonderful and inspiring.

Bobby Hanson
The Fine Art of the Tin Can: Techniques and Inspirations, by Bobby Hanson.
Bobby's book is a great book for the beginner.  Both books, the first one and the reprint are out of print but sometimes you can find them on Amazon. 

Jeri Moe
South West tinsmith Jeri Moe creates 3D tin works of art that are well thought out and highly desirable. Her work can be found at San Angel Folk Art.

Loran Scruggs
Loran's been working in tin for years. She makes wonderful toys and tin collages.

William Herberholz
Bill doesn't have a website but there is a You Tube of him in his studio and you can see his work there.

Tony Berlant
No list would be complete without Tony Berlant. He may very well have been nailing tin to wood longer than any of us. There is no way for me to describe his work. See his work at L.A. Louver: http://www.lalouver.com/artist.cfm?tArtist_id=79

Rand Carlson
Rand has been around for years. His work is bold and colorful, and he plays a lot with words, cutting out letters from car name pieces. His landscapes are wonderful. 

Lynda Kropman
Lynda Kropman lives in South Africa and the tin she uses is different from what the artists in the U.S. find. Her work is sometimes happy, romantic or political.

Charlotte Mansur
Charlotte's work is wonderful and has a graphic look to it. Her work is very well thought out and intriguing. She owns a restaurant in Florida and has access to commercial tinned food stuffs and tin advertisements that many tin artists don’t. 

Leslie Stuart Matthews
Leslie is multi-talented; she's at home with a sewing machine and aluminum cans or found objects or tin snips. Leslie's work is bold, colorful and has a very appealing graphic sensibility.

Kim Fox
Kim's work is primarily classic patch work patterns. Her tin shapes are crisp and her colors are subdued.  

Michael Sweere
Michael creates huge mural-like works in tin and also in other materials. His work is inspiring.

Nia Michaels
Nia creates interesting creative pieces using tintypes while utilizing a subdued palette.

Philip Cohen Photographer
98% of the images used to construct this Website were taken by Philip Cohen. He takes great images of your art, and you’ll find it’s very easy to work with him.

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